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Friday, January 01, 2010

Sri Prasanna Narasimha Devasthanam Temple in Ponnimedu (near Red Hills)

Sri Prasanna Narasimha Devasthanam Temple in Ponnimedu (near Red Hills)

Whilst casually reading this month edition of Sapthagiri, I came across an article about Sri Prasanna Narasimha Devasthanam temple The idol for this temple was found in Ugra format whilst the board was constructing another temple. To make Him cool down, they have constructed the sanctum sanctorum for Him on a 60 feet deep well. Using the contact number, I have collected the following info for the benefit of other devotees who might be interested to visit the temple:

Vinobhaji Street,
Ponniamman Medu,
Chennai -- 110

(If you are coming through Tambaram - Guindy - CMBT route, try getting bus number 170 and alight at Kanakachatiram Bus Stop. Locate the Shell Petrol Bunk and then the temple is accessible at an easily walkable distance from there).

The temple devasthanam contact person is Shri. Premkumar and is accessible on the number: (91)988-426-9097. He also advised me the following current observations in the temple till January 12:

  • The 'Thailakappu' is held off only today for New Year and would be put on from tomorrow till January 12.
  • Due to Dhanur maadha Poojas, the temple timings are 5.30 AM to 10.AM and 5.30 PM to 8 PM. The timings during the normal days are 6 AM to 10.30 AM and 6 PM to 8.30 PM. Precisely, a thirty minutes advancement of the normal schedule applies for the sake of Dhanur maadha Poojas.

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