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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Third Year Sri Maha Sudharshana Lakshmi Nrusimha Yagnam

Third Year Sri Maha Sudharshana Lakshmi Nrusimha Yagnam

With the greatest and kindest grace of the Lord Sriman Lakshmi Nrisimha, it has been His kindness bestowed on Ahobilam.com to schedule the third year of Sri Maha Sudharshana Lakshmi Nrusimha Yagnam at Parikkal.

It would be a great pleasure if you could also refer your friends and relatives to join in the religious function and get His choicest blessings for the prosperous New Year 2007. You are sincerely invited to be physically present at Parikkal and for any reason, if you can not make out, let us know so that your names can be added to the list of Sankalpam.

Yagnam Dates:

7th January 2007 Sunday
13th January 2007 (Swathi)

These dates are currently tentative and depending upon the the consensus from a majority of the members, exact date would be confirmed through http://www.ahobilam.com/. The confirmed dates is slated to be released by December 15th 2006. On the previous day of the Yagnam, the Japam would be started after Sankalpam from all of the participants.

The organizer of Ahobilam.com has communicated the following Terms and Conditions regarding the Yagnam conduction in our mailing list.

  1. Persons who are willing to participate physically should inform the Organizer on or before 31st December, 2006. This would facilitate for arrangements of logistics, transportation, accomodation and refreshments at Parikkal.
  2. The cost of the travel package including tiffin and coffee has been fixed at Rs. 300/- per head and interested participants are requested to book thier slots in advance. The actual balances incurred and if there are any variations subject to actual expenditure would be returned or refunded.
  3. Members hailing from other regions managing thier own travel and accomodation need to remit only Rs. 100/- towards the function only.
  4. Please have us informed regarding your interest in participation so that we can arrange for the celebration at the earliest.
  5. The interested participants (whether attending physically or in absentia) can send thier names for the Sankalpam list as follows.

    If the head of the family is a male person :

    ...............Nakshathre ....................Raasaou Jaathasya
    .................. .Gothrasya ................Sharmana: Asya Saha

    if the head of the family is a female
    ..............Nakshathre ...................Raasaou .Jaathaaya:
    ....................Gothraaya: ................Naamnya: Asya: Saha

    Fill in the blanks with the details of your family yead.

    Please refrain from sending the complete list of your family members as it would not be possible for us to entertain complete family lists at the time of reading of the Sankalpam.
  6. Request: Members willing to physically participate themselves in the Yagnam as Rudwig and capable of chanting the following mantras may express thier interest in advance. They will be honoured by paying to and fro charges from their residence and with a little 'Sambhavana'.

    1. Pancha Suktham
    2. Pancha Shaanthi
    3. Khosha Shaanthi
    4. Nrusimha Manthrams
    5. Sudharsana Manthrams
    6. Thiruppavai

These are common, other common sthothras and Desika Sthothrams will be chanted at times. The following is the estimated itinerary of the function.

  1. Before 1800 hours, the previous day of the function: Sankalpam.
  2. 1800 to 1830: Break to facilitate members to do Sandhya Vandhanam.
  3. 1830 to 2030: Japam
  4. 2030 to 2100: Night Saatrumurai
  5. 2100 onwards: Dinner.

Yagnam Day

  1. 0500
: Thiruvaaradhanam
  • At Snaanaasanam:

    1. Japa Theertham would be carried to the Moolavar and Thirumanjanam would be done with that.

      Purusha Shooktham and Thiruppavai would be recited there.
      Shesha Theertham would be carried to perform the Thirumanjanam for Aathu Vigrahams.
      Thiruvaraadhanam continues at Chatram from Snanam.
    2. 0600: Sathumurai
    3. 0630 to 0730: A brief break to facilitate Sandhi and Abhigamanam. Ridwigs would arrange the Yagna Kundam in the mean time.
    4. 0730 to 0800: A Small Sankalpam and the Yagnam would be started.
    5. 0800 to 0845: Sukthams and small count of Japams.
    6. 0900: The Homa Agni would be raised a few minutes before 0900.
    7. 0900 to 1045: Homam.
    8. 1045 to 1100: Poornahuti Sankalpam
    9. 1100 to 1110: Poornahuti
    10. 1110 to 1230: Satrumurai, Sambhavanai, Prasada Viniyogam.
    11. 1230 to 1400: Thathiyaradhanai
    12. 1400: Starting back to Chennai

    For further details and clarifcations, feel free to contact:

    The Organizer,
    +91 44 24851392

    Ahobilam Divyadesa Yatra

    Ahobilam Divyadesa Yatra

    Ahobilam.com has made announcements of Divyadesa Yatra to Ahobilam Divyadesam, organized on part of  and behalf of the students of Vaishnavism Department of Madras University.  below is the schedule for that trip. The following is the tour itinerary.
    11th August 2006
    1700: Departure from Chennai Egmore by Kachchaguda Express. S9 Coach.
    2215: Arrival at Cuddappah Station
    1. A van has been arranged to arrange for travel from Cuddapah station to Keezh Ahobilam.
    2. Accomodation and food have been arranged there.

    12th August 2006 and 13th August 2006

    Dharshan of all nine Narasimha Kshetrams.
    13th August 2006
    2000: Starting to Cuddappah station from Ahobilam.
    2200: Departure to Chennai Egmore by Kachaguda Express (expected at 14th August 2006 0020 hours.
    14th August 2006
    0640:  Arrival at Chennai Egmore.
    For further details and information, please feel free to contact:
    The Organizer,
    +91 44 24851392
    Ugram Veeram Mahavishnum Jwalantham Sarvathomukham
    Nrisimham Bheeshanam Bhadram Mrityor Mrityu Namamyaham

    Friday, July 28, 2006

    Polur Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple

    Polur Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple

    Whilst casually browsing through DivyaDesam YahooGroups, I came across some information about Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple in Polur, which I wanted to share with other readers and devotees for thier information so that during thier divyadesa yatras, they would be greatly benefitted to visit this temple also and get the blessings of the Lord.

    Temple: Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple atop a small and steep hillock with about 840 steps.
    Significantly during night time, a bright light from the temple towards indicates that Polur is nearby.

    Temple Timings: The temple is currently served by a single priest called Sekhar Bhattachariar who also looks after a small Perumal temple below. He goes atop the hill at 4:30 AM and returns back by 8:30 AM. A Chowkidar remains on the hillock opening the temple for visitors who come later. The priest also visits the hill atop temple in the evenings.

    You can inform the Bhattacharyar in advance for group darshan and Thirumanjanam etc.

    Contact Details:

    V.Sekar Bhattachariar
    17, Perumal Koil St
    Tiruvannamalai Dist
    Mobile: 9842307594; 9443098358

    Accesibility: Polur is situated on the state highway between Tiruvannamalai and Vellore district. It is about 33 Kms from the former and 48 Kms from the latter and 55 Kms from Vandavasi. Since it is also a Taluk headquarters, there is a good availability of hotels and accomodations and all buses stop here.

    Nearest Places to visit: KETTAVARAMPALAYAM -- Here is a famous Rama Bhajanai Mandram which celebrates Rama Navami with grandeur every year. It is also the birth place of the famous Tamil writer Anuththama. It is about 20 Kms from Polur and en route to Veeralur or Melsolankuppam. These are small villages that are also colloqially called as ground floor of Javadu Hills.

    Photographs of Polur Temple by S Rajagopalan (rajtha (at) gmail.com):

    1. 1. http://picasaweb.google.com/Rajtha/20091207?feat=email#
    2. . http://picasaweb.google.com/Rajtha/Polur?feat=email#

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    Tuesday, July 18, 2006

    The Divyadesams Website with a new look and feel

    The Divyadesams Website with a new look and feel

    The 108 Divyadesams homepage which had been my personal homepage, had been lacking updates for seemingly long time. Perhaps, the homepage which had helped so many with information that they needed, and which inspired me to learn Web Technologies even since my college days, when the homepage project started, was undergoing a long sleep duration. This weekend, I just thought, I would sit down and have it updated with latest content and also make navigations flexible and easier. Now with a simple DHTML Tree Navigation System, I hope navigating among the various sections would be a breeze now.

    I welcome your comments and feedback on contents and navigation system.

    The URL of the website is now:



    Saturday, July 15, 2006

    Divyap Prabandham Online

    Divyap Prabandham Online

    I was going through the Orkut Community of Vadagalai Iyengars and came across the URL of Divyap Prabhandham online. Check it out here.

    BTW, if you would like to join Vadagalai Iyengar Orkut Community, the Orkut community URL is here.  If you need an invitation to join Orkut, let me know.

    Thursday, July 13, 2006

    The Greatness of Nama Sankeerthanam

    The Greatness of Nama Sankeerthanam

    The greatness and power of Lord's names can never be underestimated. Somewhere I have read that the name of the Lord is more greatly revered and respected than the Lord itself. And hence is the enormous significance to Vishnu Sahasranama which sings the greatness of Lord's one thousand names.

    In a religious discourse long time back, I faintly recall that it is said about the greatness of Lord's Name like this. Among the four yugas (Satya, Treta, Dwapara and Kali) the process of realization is significant as described below.

    In Satya Yuga, the process of self-realization is by meditating Lord Vishnu. In Treta Yuga, we do yajnas to satisfy the Lord. In Dwapara Yuga, we go to temples and worship the Lord. In Kali yuga, where there is more unrigteousness, mere chanting of Lords' Names, the Lord would come to rescue. Satya Yuga, on the other extreme end, has more righteousness on its weightage. Also check out this URL, which describes this further.

    Now, having understood the greatness of Lord's Names, we shall try to keep chanting Lord's Names whenever we have free time. Also, I came across this nice website on Nama Sankeerthanam. Check it out. The website seems to be predominantly dedicated to Radha and Krishna and Thier divine Love.

    Tuesday, July 11, 2006

    Sri Vaishnava Temples in Karnataka

    Sri Vaishnava Temples in Karnataka

    Just came across a nice website which illustrates each of the Sri Vaishnava Temples in detail, along with accessibility and contact persons. The website seems to be entirely concenterating only on the Sri Vaishnava temples within the state of Karnataka.

    Check out the website at: http://www.karnatakavaishnavatemples.net/

    Sunday, July 09, 2006

    Sri Vaishnava Tour by DivyadesamOnline

    Sri Vaishnava Tour by DivyadesamOnline

    Check out this tour by DivyadesamOnline. It would indeed be a greatest divine experience to visit five Sri Vaishnava temples in one day. The temples are:

    1. Siththar Kaadu
    2. Narasingapuram
    3. Kaverippakkam
    4. Thirupparkadal
    5. Thirupputkuzhi
    6. Pazhaya Seevaram

    You can contact the tour operators (Sampath Kumar Swamy or Balaji) over telephones through: +91-44-24751129/+919840864753. You may like to check out with them via email at tours@divyadesamonline.com.

    Vaidhya Veeraraghavan

    Vaidhya Veeraraghavan

    [Thiru Evvul :: Vaidya Veeraraghavan :: Moolavar]

    [Thiru Evvul :: Vaidya Veeraraghavan :: Utsavar]One of the most important Sri Vaishnava Divyadesams that are located in the neighborhood of Chennai is 'Thiruvallore'. With the government records nomenclature having undergone a lot of name changes like 'Thiruvallur', 'Thiruvellore' etc., the actual name or the root is still 'Thiru Evvul'.

    Thiruvallur is reachable from Chennai -- Arakkanom railway route and as well via Chennai - Tiruthani road route. You can check out the full history of Thiruvallor from Divyadesams section over here.

    Moolavar Veeraraghavan gives darshan with His right hand blessing Salihotra Maharishi and the left hand in Gnana Mudra preaching Nanmughan (Brahma). The Lord gave darshan to Salihotra Maharishi and enquired about the right place to take avatar, hence this place is called Tiru Evvul (Evvul - which place). The Lord protected the tapavasis and vedavits at this place killing Madukaidapas. It is believed that all diseases and troubles will disappear if devotees after taking bath in Hruthapanasha Pushkarni and has the darshan of Vijaykoti Vimanam and the Lord and hence the Lord is also called the Vaidya Narayanan.

    Sudhashana Jayanthi Today

    Sudhashana Jayanthi Today

    [Sri Sudharshana]

    Today is observed very religiously by all Sri Vaishnavites as Sri Sudharshana Jayanthi. The Sudharshana Chakra or the divine discus missile of Lord Sriman Narayana is one of the Lord's powerful weapon in annihilating evil forces and to reinstate Dharma or the righteousness on the earth.

    [Sri Sudharshana :: Chakkarathazwar]Sri Sudharshana Mantra and Sri Sudharshana Yantra are very important for Sri Vaishnavities. Sri Sudharshana is also known as Chakkarathazhwar. It has been stated in the Ahirbhudniya Samhita, that devotees who are suffering from incurable diseases, sorceries and enemies, Lord Sudharshana dispels His fierce form and comes to thier rescue and upliftment. When the last rites for the departed souls are not properly done, it may result in the sufferings of the progeny belonging to the later generations. Scriptures state that performing Sudharshana Homam could alleviate the sufferings arising out of this nature. Performance of this homam also stops the dangers or perils which may possibly occur in the future.

    Today, being Sudharshana Jayanthi, a lot of places are organizing Sudharshana Homam/Sudharshana Maha Yagnam. The following are a few of them, for devotees' reference:

    1. Sri Vishnu Bhaktha Gana Sabha, Perambur. The Yagnam would be conducted at: Kaligi Ranganathan Montford Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Patel Road, Perambur between 7 AM and 2 PM.
    2. Source: Jaya TV Arul Nerum. There is also a Sri Sudharshana Maha Yagnam (Oru Lakshmam Avruthi) going on in Mylapore North Chitra Street.

    Sudharshana Homam last week (For Information)

    1. Sanathana Dharma Paripalana Sabha, Aanmeeka Alayam, Kannaiyan Colony, Erode, had organised Sudharsana Maha Yagam, 7 a.m.-1p.m., on July 4 (20th day of the Tamil month of Aani), birth star of Sri Sudharsana.

      You can contact the Sabha for future details and events at: 0424-2220843/93641 10718.

      Bus Routes: K1, K2, S1, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F, 1. Alight at Thirunagar Colony bus stop.
    2. Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha Navaneethakrishnan Temple, MMTC Colony, Nanganallur, is celebrating Sri Sudarshana Jayanthi Utsavam on July 4 and 5. Special homams and pujas will start in the morning. The deity will be adorned with special alankaram and taken out in a procession on Wednesday.

    [Sri Lakshmi Narasimha, Nanganallur MMTC Colony Temple][Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Nanganallur MMTC Colony Temple Gopuram]

    The Power of Rama Namam

    The Power of Rama Namam

    It was a pleasant Holy Sunday today. As I got up a bit early and switched on Jaya TV, an interesting spiritual advise for the day that a saint was offering. He was explaining about the power of Rama Nama.

    I could also fondly recall about an old story behind Rama Nama. Valmiki was uttering the word 'RA MA RA MA' so religiously that he could not even know that a white ant had built its nest around him. That was the power of his penance and he could write the Ramayanam. In today's discourse, the saint was saying that when you open the mouth to say 'RA', all the sins and evil escape out of the mouth or they are kicked off. When you say 'MA', the lips shutdown the gateway and hence the evils that have gone out can not gain an entry back.

    Let us also start chanting Rama Nama to invoke His divine blessings for peaceful and prosperous life.

    Sri Rama Rama Rameti, Rame Rame Manorame;
    Sahasrenama tattulyam, Rama Nama Varanane

    Friday, July 07, 2006

    Avani Avittam and Gayatri Japam 2006

    Avani Avittam and Gayatri Japam 2006

    Avani Avittam (Rig/Yajur Upakarma and Gayatri Japam) are on the way. They are observed on 9th August 2006 and 10th August 2006.

    You can find the Sankalpam for these in TRSIyengar website.

    1. Rig Upakarma
    2. Yajur Upakarma
    3. Gayatri Japam (for all)

    Update as on August 6th 2006

    I came across the following website which also offers step-by-step instructions by voice. Check out Ahobilam.com Upakarma 2006. Even this website offers a PDF download that you can print and have a reference offline.

    Update as on August 9th 2006

    I came across the following website, Sundarasimhan.org which also offers Yajur, Rig and Sama Upakarma PDFs in English too. Sama and Yajur are also available with audio clips. Check them out at:

    1. Rig Upakarma
    2. Sama Upakarma
    3. Yajur Upakarma

    Wednesday, July 05, 2006

    A Quick Mention about DivyadesamOnline.com

    A Quick Mention about DivyadesamOnline.com

    I was just casually searching the web about Sri Vaishnava Divyadesams and just came across this nice site. The site is well-organized and also they seem to be conducting lots of tour packages to various Divyadesams. Perhaps you may like to check the same at:



    Monday, July 03, 2006

    Sri Parthasarathy Kodai Utsavam Snaps

    Sri Parthasarathy Kodai Utsavam Snaps

    IyengarsUnited YahooGroups team have uploaded latest snaps of Tiruvallikeni Sri Parthasarathy Kodaiutsavam Snaps. Check out them here: